The Mythical Turn

Welcome, Esquif Ambassador and Paddle Canada Certified Instructor and Patron, Paul Mason.

Paul Hi Res
Paul paddling Tremont at ALF photo credit: Carole Westwood

Whitewater canoeing technique has evolved quite quickly over the last few years. No where is this more evident than the adoption of the MITH technique for tandem canoe eddy turns. 

MITH is all about initiating an arc. Begin by generating Momentum. The stern paddle initiates the arc with a short pry or draw stroke. Initiating an arc is very different than pivoting the canoe. A pry stroke that pivots the canoe will cause the stern to skid. Yes, it seems like itʼs arcing but by forcing the stern to slide, you have just set the canoe on a slightly different straight line than the line you were previously on. Necessitating another pry stroke, pivoting the canoe again, to continue to turn the boat. Definitely not an arc. Initiating an arc requires a shorter less forceful pry, equaling less loss of momentum. Apply tilt as you pry, then wait to see if your canoe is now on an arc. Yes? Then keep paddling to maintain momentum. Your canoe will continue to arc until you tell it otherwise.

ARC_Paul Mason

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