Review of the Spanish Fly

Welcome Paddler, Wendy Arthur.

The Spanish Fly is an iconic boat designed by Frankie Hubbard and brought back into production by Esquif this Spring. For those who have never seen or paddled one it has a planing hull with sharp chines and it is nicely rocker-ed. The boat surfs and spins like a top. This same ability can make it sticky in a hole if you stop paddling.

At 29 inches wide it has a nice primary stability and excellent secondary stability. The depth is 15 inches so the boat is wetter than some of the newer boats that have a 16 inch height, but if you are short it makes low braces and rolling much easier.  The saddle is 8 1/2 inches high so very comfy. Taller individuals may want to lower it. The boat paddles well full of water and is easy to dump, or pump (add a battery system).

Wendy Arthur_Spanish Fly
Paddler and reviewer, Wendy Arthur.

The ferries, attainments, surfs and boofs were better than I remembered from my first Spanish Fly the first year they were produced. The Esquif Spanish Fly is made in a Lite and SuperLite model. The SuperLite is 8 pounds lighter than  Pyranha’s version making it a joy to carry and even more fun to move around on the water. I bought custom bags from Fall Line Canoes and they really fill the bow and stern extremely well.

The Spanish Fly Lite is available in Blue Ice (same colour as in the photo BELOW) and the Spanish Fly SuperLite is available in Mojito (same colour as in the photo ABOVE).

Eli Helbert at ALF_photographter_Karen Acuff Richards
Esquif Ambassador and Southeastern USA Sales Rep, Eli Helbert photo by: Karen Acuff Richards


Thanks Esquif for making this boat again!

Wendy Arthur

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