Prospecteur 17 – Boat Review

Welcome Stef McArdle from S and K Expeditions in Golden, BC.

As long-time arctic canoe guides in the summer, when we decided to start our own whitewater expedition company and pick a canoe for our fleet we had no trouble choosing the Prospecteur 17’.

Kootenay River 2018-4764

With enough space to easily fit food and gear for a short or long trip, it is still surprisingly nimble and responsive. We just took our boats down the Kootenay in Southern BC.

Kootenay River 2018-4821

This is our local gem of a river, and for 5 days we enjoyed the feel of our canoes on the crystal blue water. With a light load it turns incredibly easily, carves beautifully, and accelerates well, (and fully loaded down still manouevers well) – everything you want for a technical river – but it can also handle larger, pushier and boilier water. Relatively forgiving, our clients love the feel of the boats, and comment positively on the quality and design.

Having not ever used T-Formex before, we were pleased – but not altogether surprised (nice work Esquif!!) – at the ability of the hull to withstand hits on a midstream rock, or be dragged across the gravel bar to make the dinner table. This is so important when choosing a boat! We wanted to find a boat that could take a beating and still perform. No matter whether we were lining, portaging, dragging, or accidentally finding every single rock in the rapid, we felt confident in the Prospecteur’s ability to do its job.

Kootenay River 2018-4870

We will certainly continue to use this boat, plan to purchase more, and look forward to the next innovations that Esquif comes up with!


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