Esquif or Bust

Welcome Esquif Ambassador and Canadian Explorer, Frank Wolf.

“My canoe journeys are often thousands of kilometres long and stretch over weeks and months.

44015010972_a8a3b19f34_b (1)
Across the Barrens route map (1,750 km canoe journey from Yellowknife to the Arctic Ocean via the Back River)
42251336530_daecae3a67_k (1)
Starting point in Yellowknife. Frank (R) and paddling partner, Ryan Bougie 

I travel upstream and downstream. I paddle across big lakes and oceans. I drag and carry my canoe over tundra and through thick forest.


Dragging to Back River
Bony River

My boat of choice that has carried me through my wilderness journeys in North America and beyond is the Esquif Prospecteur 17. It is the toughest, most versatile expedition tripping canoe on earth.  With it’s T-Formex hull I can bash it on rocks down whitewater rivers all day long, and drag it fully loaded over boulders and tundra. The last thing you need in a remote wilderness setting is a canoe that you have to be delicate with- that should never even be a thought.  The tougher the canoe, the safer you are.

Canoe ice

In addition to the toughness of the Prospecteur 17, you get fantastic performance. With Esquif’s unmatched background in whitewater canoeing , you get a nimble boat that dances through whitewater- while at the same time having great hull speed and tracking when paddling lakes and ocean.  I recently completed a 1,750 km canoe trip from Yellowknife up to the Arctic Ocean, which included a source to sea descent of the mighty Back River.  With our full payload we encountered all manner of water and weather conditions during this journey, but still managed to average a sizzling 50 km per day with our speedy Esquif. No other canoe company anywhere can match Esquif’s combination of toughness, performance, and versatility. I wouldn’t paddle anything else.

Lining mis-hap, you will have to ask Frank about this one.

Check out Frank’s first book, the just-released Lines on a Map, a compilation of stories of his adventures around the world, published by Rocky Mountain Books.

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