Esquif Echo – boat review

A contribution from guest author Vitor (belgium)



echo 1

Do not be misguided by its slim delicate lines, the Echo is much more than a lake canoe.
Is it made for rough white water? Absolutely not!
Will it pass through creeks, waves and weir slides? Yes, it will! Just trim your canoe accordingly and you’re good to go.


Not only does the Echo track well but amazingly, it is also very maneuverable and will make those eddy-turns effortless.
echo 2

The Echo is not the lightest canoe of this category, but think about those composite ultra-light-(read: ultra-expensive) canoes and if you have an ounce of good sense you will never ever put that near a rock. What the Echo does not have in ultra-light weight (it comes in at 45lbs in T-Formex) it makes up for it in its durability. The Echo has great resistance to wear, bumps, scratches, hauling and dragging. For me it is the perfect solo canoe-camping boat for everything from day-trip to week-long down river expeditions.

echo 3


One thought on “Esquif Echo – boat review

  1. Thank you very much for that review on the Echo, Team Esquif and Vitor!

    Test paddling on a like lake does not give me a sufficient impression on how the canoe handles on rivers. And that’s what I’m especially interested in. You say eddy turns can be done effortlessly with the canoe. Do you have any videos of anybody paddling on a river doing eddy turns or using current differentials for maneuvering?

    Vitor, I live about 12 km from the Belgium border in Germany (Eifel). I’d be very grateful if you could show me the Echo’s potential on rivers!

    Cheers, Thomas


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